Magento 2 B2B Extensions

Aheadworks extensions enable online stores with the most effective and useful functionalities to run a successful B2B business.

B2B Extensions

Top Magento Extensions for B2B Business Development

  • Customer Group Catalog Permissions
    Customer Group Catalog Permissions
    Guide customers through catalog by managing their permissions.
  • B2B Company Accounts
    B2B Company Accounts
    Manage corporate accounts from the admin panel and enable customers to create companies from the storefront.
  • Private Catalogs
    Private Catalogs
    Provide personalized pricing for different customer groups.
  • Product Downloads
    Product Downloads
    Increase cusomer retetention by offering free materials with product additional info.
  • Hide Price
    Hide Price
    Provide a flexible pricing approach by hiding prices from specific products, or customer groups.
  • B2B Extension Suite
    B2B Extension Suite
    Level up your business with a powerful and cost-effective solution for B2B eCommerce.
  • B2B Cart to Quote
    B2B Cart to Quote
    Negotiate requests for quotations with customers you trust and deliver win-win deals.
  • Sales Representative
    Sales Representative
    Provide tailored experience for each customer with personal sales managers.
  • B2B Company Credit
    B2B Company Credit
    Drive growth and build loyal relationships by offering credit to the customers you trust.
  • NMI Payment
    NMI Payment
    NMI payment gateway enables various alternative payment methods helping your business reach broader customer audiences.
  • NET 30
    NET 30
    Remove checkout friction, and payment restriction with the ability to offer a select group(s) of customers NET 30 Terms.
  • B2B Requisition List
    B2B Requisition List
    Requisition Lists enables customers to collect frequently bought products into multiple requisition lists, using at a later date to place
  • Quick Order by SKU
    Quick Order by SKU
    Streamline bulk orders by collecting and adding SKUs straight to Cart.
  • Payment & Shipping Restrictions
    Payment & Shipping Restrictions
    Enable and restrict Payment and Shipping methods by customer group effortlessly.

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