Magento Error Monitoring

We utilize industry-standard tools to report errors that prevent transactions, hinder conversions and result in loss of revenue.

Magento Error Monitoring

Error Monitoring

Rave uses industry-standard tools to report errors that are preventing transactions from happening, hinders conversions and results in loss of revenue. This service is included at no cost for up to 25,000 sessions per month. Additional fees may apply for more sessions.

Lost Revenue Report is one of the key reports that we generate and analyze for our clients. The report allows us to see exactly what the site errors are costing the client and we prioritize and fix those errors on a timely basis.

Lost Revenue Simulator

Why Should You Update Magento to the Latest Version?

How to Check if Your Magento Store Is Secure?

Outdated Magento versions or security patches make your web store prone to unethical hacks.

Why Magento Version Upgrade is Crucial for Your Store?

  • Automatic Related Products
    Automatic Related Products
    Boost spontaneous purchases, showing customers blocks with products they are interested in.
  • Gift Card
    Gift Card
    Increase your AOV and encourage repeat purchases with an easy-to-use gift tool.
  • Reward Points
    Reward Points
    Improve retention rates and increase revenue by offering benefits to new and regular customers.
  • Follow Up Email
    Follow Up Email
    Target your customers by sending emails based on customer actions.
  • Add Free Product to Cart
    Add Free Product to Cart
    Increase the number of spontaneous purchases, run successful promo-based campaigns and boost the average order value by
  • Popup Pro
    Popup Pro
    Draw buyers’ attention to promo offers using highly customizable popups.
  • Abandoned Cart Email
    Abandoned Cart Email
    Attract customers back to store via scheduled automatic mailing.
  • Refer a Friend
    Refer a Friend
    Promote brand awareness and enrich customer base with custom referral programs.
  • Product Labels
    Product Labels
    Run effective marketing campaigns and grow sales by drawing customers' attention to new products and special offers.
  • Affiliate
    Drive more traffic to your store with easily configured affiliate programs.
  • Advanced Reviews
    Advanced Reviews
    Encourage customers to share their purchase experience by providing a clear and simple review submission process.
  • Free Shipping Bar
    Free Shipping Bar
    Motivate customers to buy more by setting free shipping goals.
  • Review Reminder
    Review Reminder
    Increase brand trust and customer loyalty with automatic review reminders.
  • Custom Static Blocks
    Custom Static Blocks
    Influence purchasing decisions with appropriate stock status displayed.
  • Countdown Timer
    Countdown Timer
    The Countdown extension for Magento 2 adds a countdown functionality to your store.

Impact of Rave All Care on Guideposts


Increased Product Revenue By


Increased Number Of Transactions By


Increased Ecom. Conv. Rate By

Are You Having Trouble With Your Magento Store?

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It is a process of tracking and monitoring errors that occur on a Magento website. It involves using tools or software to detect and log any errors or issues that may arise during the operation of the website. Error monitoring is important because it helps website owners identify and resolve any issues that may be affecting the performance, functionality, or user experience of their Magento website.
Yes, we offer Magento website error monitoring as part of our Magento maintenance services. Our team of experts constantly monitors your website for any errors or issues that may arise, and we promptly address them to ensure the smooth functioning of your website.
We cover a range of issues such as server errors, broken links, missing images, database errors, and more. We also manually review and audit your key pages like home, product, cart, checkout for any additional issues. A lost revenue report is shared with the client to give them an idea about how much money they are loosing due to errors in the current month.

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