eCommerce merchants know that in order to be successful, they need to provide a great customer experience. In this case study, we take a look at America’s Test Kitchen Shop, which is a perfect example of how to create an engaging shopping experience. We also take a look at Noibu, which is a new eCommerce platform that is quickly gaining popularity. Learn how these two businesses are succeeding and what you can learn from them.

Since its establishment in 1993, America’s Test Kitchen has helped curious cooks become confident chefs. America’s Test Kitchen is passionate about discovering why some recipes work and why some don’t. They have established themselves as masters in sharing what they learn and helping everyone cook with full heart and determination. With a mix of talented individuals, America’s Test Kitchen is delivering cooking content on various platforms, including TV Shows, Magazines, Websites, Cookbooks, Podcasts, and more.

Problem Statement

The Shop at America’s Test Kitchen aimed at reducing the store’s bounce rate in the customer’s path to purchase. They needed more insight into the challenges in the customer journey in order to address them aptly.

America’s Test Kitchen had a number of abandoned carts and an error reported on the checkout page. The server logs did not specifically identify the cause of the error, only the error message. The issue occurred at random so it was not reproducible in the Production environment after several attempts. The error did not occur in the Staging environment.

The store’s checkout process was managed by a third-party system and was blocked from any back-end code changes. The Shop at America’s Test Kitchen required real-time monitoring to determine what was causing the error on the checkout page.

Key Solution by Rave Digital

The Shop at America’s Test Kitchen enlisted the services of Noibu – an error monitoring platform to detect and prioritize website errors.

Noibu monitors the site activity to listen for errors that impact the checkout or add-to-cart functionality and records a detailed log of the site activity and performance. Once an error is detected, Noibu immediately sends an email notification with the session details such as the error message, device, and script.

Rave Digital implemented the Noibu service into the Adobe Commerce store quickly by adding Noibu’s script on the site. Rave Digital and The Shop at America’s Test Kitchen were able to easily and promptly evaluate errors due to conflicts and timeouts.

The Rave All Care team expedited repairs to the critical errors that prevent users from completing a purchase and addressed the minor errors that erode customer trust. The Rave All Care team consistently reviews the reported issues with the merchant’s eCommerce team to determine the urgency of the issue in consideration of other projects under development.

Results Achieved

In 2021, with just 9 months of using this service, Noibu detected 9 website issues that saved an estimated annual revenue of $523,00! The Noibu reports supplied Rave Digital with detailed information on the source of the error to then repair the items promptly. The speed of the detect-to-repair turnaround enabled the merchant to save over half a million dollars in lost revenue. After completing a major version upgrade on their Magento 2 store, Noibu’s reports and Rave Digital’s agile development have enabled The Shop at America’s Test Kitchen to upgrade seamlessly.

Results Metrics

Issues Resolved: 9

Annual Revenue Saved: $523,000

About Noibu

The Noibu software platform monitors your eCommerce site and flags errors in real-time that prevent real customers from checking out. We collect all the information your developers need to quickly resolve them. Nothing gets missed. Learn more about Noibu.

About Rave Digital

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