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By 2020, the global B2B E-Commerce market is supposed to generate about 6.7 trillion dollars – which is twice of what is expected from the B2C market. If you’re planning for B2B eCommerce, you’ve landed the right place!

We offer b2b ecommerce solutions for businesses at every stage; from planning to designing and developing to launching and to expanding. We design, build, and maintain e-commerce solutions using Magento, Shopify, NetSuite, Zen Cart, Drupal Commerce, Volusion and DNN.

Technologies and Key Partners

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  • Magento Extension Builder Certificate
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  • Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist 3
  • Magento 2 Professional7
  • Magento 2 Professional Front End Developer1
  • Magento 2 Associate Developer3
  • Magento Certified Developers PlusDeveloper Plus1
  • Magento Certified DevelopersDeveloper9
  • Magento Certified Front End DevelopersFront end Developer1
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B2B businesses are Unique

B2B organizations all do business in their own unique way. Some businesses may want to fully automate their sales and offer a self-service web-store while other businesses simply cannot process orders without buyer-seller interactions. Other merchants may need to establish a B2B Marketplace where brands can promote an ecosystem of complementary 3rd-party products and services to supplement their offering. Some companies may even need the ability to do all 3. The need to support all of these online use cases differentiates the B2B eCommerce definition from B2C.

B2B Ecommerce Solutions

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    We can help manufacturers optimize online operation to sell to distributors as well as sell directly to customers.

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    It is more important than ever for distributors to streamline operations through eCommerce online ordering.

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    We can deliver an exceptional online experience allowing your customers to get the best prices possible.

Core B2B Ecommerce Features

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    Multiple catalogs

    each serving different B2B customers, allow you to tailor what you sell and whom you sell it to.

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    Multiple price lists

    Set up multiple price lists per catalog to provide you with e-commerce business flexibility.

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    Custom presentation

    Custom navigation schemes and product organization per catalog deliver an optimal customer experience.

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    Multiple product views

    Thumbnail, gridline, and item detail views enable you to showcase your brand.

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    Flexible promotions

    Discounts and special offers drive higher e-commerce sales volumes; customizable up-sell and cross-sell promotions increase sales order size.

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    Multiple currency support enables you to take orders whichever way your customers wish to pay.

Our B2B Integrations

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  • I was originally very skeptical about out-sourcing our web development to the US (I am based in the UK). However, 6 years in to our professional relationship, I am confident in saying that we made the right choice.

    Dillan Pattni
    Digital Operations Manager, HD Connectivity Ltd

  • I had (and still have) the pleasure of working with Rave on our e-Comm site using Magento Enterprise. Their teams implemented a very custom solution on time and on budget. Our customers love the new site and our on-line sales continue to grow year over year. If you are looking for a partner instead of a vendor, Rave team is your answer.

    Steve West
    Director of IT, National Oak Distributors, Inc. (USA)

  • I have not once regretted the decision to move to Rave Digital. Rave completely redid my website, and completely changed my workflow. It used to take us about 15 minutes to process an order on our old system. Now it takes 1 minute or less. Everything we do at our office is with the greatest efficiency possible.

    Carol Blake
    Owner, AccessFloorSystems.com

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